12th St. Moritz Gourmet Festival

January 31 –February 5, 2005

“Les Grandes Dames de la Haute Cuisine”

The 12th St. Moritz Gourmet Festival is well in women’s hands. The “Grandes Dames de la Haute Cuisine” from Europe, Asia and the United States will delight the palate and impress by their culinary skills:

Gourmet chef Irma Dütsch from Saas Fee in Switzerland; Cornelia Poletto from Hamburg, Germany; Léa Linster from Luxembourg, Lisl Wagner-Bacher from Austria as well as Annie Féolde from Florence and Sophie Bise from Talloires, France (near Geneva) will present the culinary enlightments from an European point of view; the chefs from Overseas Michelle Bernstein from Miami, Nancy Kinchela from Dubai, and Jin Jie Zhang from Beijing will complete the women’s power 2005 in St. Moritz.

The “Grand Gourmet Opening Cocktail” officially inaugurating the Festival will be held at the Carlton Hotel on January 31. The gourmet chefs will be introducing themselves in person as well as via samples of their own creation.

At the legendary “Kitchen Party” of February 2 at Badrutt’s Palace the gourmet chefs will be expecting the curious guests right at their stoves. Taste the delicacies directly from the pan!

Those looking to wield a ladle themselves should not miss the “Culinary Master Classes” at the Steffani on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. At the Gourmet Safari the guest will “capture” every course at a different hotel.

Besides the daily “Gourmet Apéros” at the Carlton Hotel and the Gourmet Festival Dinners at the different partner hotels a multitude of special tastings will be completing the culinaric offer: daily “Caviar & Vodka Tastings” at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, “Caviari & Sprüngli” tastings on Corviglia, an introduction to the World of Olive Oils at the Crystal Hotel (February, 1st) and a Whiskytasting at the Hotel Schweizerhof (February, 3rd). The Suvretta House will be serving at the “Dîner des Champagnes Perrier-Jouet” on the last evening of the Festival (February, 5th) an unique champagne with each course.

The Finale – the undisputed Festival highlight – has been reinvented as a surprise-laden gourmet party run at the Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains under the theme of “Night of the Stars” on February 4, starting at 11 p.m.

Never to forget that such an extraordinary event can only be made possible thanks to the dedicated support of its sponsors and suppliers: Valser, Villeroy & Boch and Habanos (sponsors); the team sponsors Kaviari and Embassy; the supporter Electrolux; Radio Engiadina (media partner); Caratello Weine, Martel AG St. Gallen, Carl Studer Vinothek, Champagne Perrier Jouët, Freihoff Distillerie, Confiserie Sprüngli, Rageth Comestibles, Natura Bündner Fleischtrocknerei, Casinò St. Moritz, Bragard S.A., Druckerei Bacher + Niederöst Kloten, Cibolini AG (suppliers) and Massé (local carrier).

“Les Grandes Dames de la Haute Cuisine” in St. Moritz

For a long time, the cook’s profession was viewed differently when carried out by a man rather than a woman. While his activity soon came to be considered gentlemanly, she would continue to labor as a parish cook or a housewife at her own stove. Women have meanwhile conquered this traditionally male domain as well, establishing themselves as first class chefs. All the more reason to invite them to St. Moritz!

Behind each of the participants lie a different background, tradition, and a unique success story.

Irma Dütsch is the highest-rated woman chef in Switzerland. In acknowledgement of her culinary craft, she was awarded 18 points by Gault Millau, one Clé d’Or and one star by the Guide Michelin. In 1994, Gault Millau named her “Woman Chef of the Year”.

Cornelia Poletto, at age 33 Hamburg’s only star-rated woman chef, was awarded a coveted Michelin star in the winter of 2002 for her restaurant. When she is not spoiling her guests with the light dishes of strongly Mediterranean flavor that made her renown as the best Italian restaurant in Hamburg, she might be seen driving her small daughter around in her old Mini, or demonstrating her proficiency on television in the show “ARD-Buffet”.

Lisl Wagner-Bacher is undisputedly the “First Lady” of the Austrian gourmet scene. Gault-Millau awarded her 3 bonnets (18 points) and the title “Cook of the Year”. The “A La Carte Guide 2004” even ranked the Landhaus Bacher as the best restaurant in Austria by giving it 99 out of its maximum of 100 points. The St. Moritz Gourmet Festival already welcomed her as a participant in 1997 – as the first woman chef.

Léa Linster was the first woman in Luxembourg to become “Maitre cuisinier”, and the first and only woman to receive the “Bocuse D’Or” in 1989. A Michelin star and a Clé d’Or were only par for the course. Apart from her cookbook “Easy and Ingenious”, which was named the “Best German Chef’s Cookbook” in 2002, she has had her own column in the German magazine “Brigitte” since 2001.

Annie Féolde was awarded three Michelin stars in 2004 in acknowledgement of her expressive, delicate, vivid and imaginative cuisine. The Frenchwoman is based at the Ristorante Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, and ingeniously combines the classic French cuisine of her origins with the traditional cuisine of the Tuscan region.
Sophie Bise, representing the third generation at the family’s Auberge du Père Bise, virtually received the gift of cooking in her cradle. Supported and furthered by her father, she soon became a serious contender in the male domain of top-level gastronomy, and always manages to fascinate one with her contemporary and refined dishes.

Michelle Bernstein, aged 34, is one of the young rising stars of the American culinary scene. While she was chef at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s “Azul” in Miami, the restaurant twice received the “AAA Five Diamonds Award”. The holder of an honorary doctorate in Culinary Arts pampers her guests with a distinctive fusion of Asian, Caribbean and classical French cuisine.
Jin Jie Zhang, known as Jin R, is China’s only woman master chef. The owner and designer of the Green T. House Restaurant is also a versatile artist and a classical musician, which is evident in her unique cooking style and the artistically prepared dishes that appeal to all five senses. Using her many talents, she created the “Green T. House Style” in Beijing combining nature, elegance and simplicity with the classical and modern styles – thus giving a new interpretation to Chinese culture and philosophy. Not infrequently, Jin R will provide dessert accompaniment on one of her classical Chinese instruments.

Nancy Kinchela, Australian by birth, is based at the Restaurant Vu on the fiftieth floor of the Emirates Tower Hotels in Dubai – the highest restaurant in all of Europe and the Middle East. Most recently at the London Hotel Olympics of 2004, she won 18 awards together with the Jumeirah International Culinary Team, including the gold medal in the most prestigious discipline, “La Parade des Chefs”.


Of Olive Oil, the Hunt for Delicacies and Field Kitchens

The “Grandes Dames de la Haute Cuisine” will be rolling out their full repertoire of culinary delights for the 12th St. Moritz Gourmet Festival.

As every year, the event will be inaugurated at the Grand Gourmet Opening Cocktail, where the “Grandes Dames de la Haute Cuisine” will be personally introducing their respective signature cuisine.
Apart from the daily highlights proposed at the gourmet tasting dinners, or a la carte at the gourmet restaurants of the participating hotels, many other unique delights will be awaiting discovery.
February 1 is dedicated to olive oil. At the Crystal Hotel, Ueli Schiess of Caratello Wines, St. Gallen, will be presenting during an hour-long introduction the newly created label Olioro – l’Olio secondo Veronelli and will give answers to questions on the use, origins, varieties and prices of this rich oil. Cornelia Poletto, Hamburg’s only star-rated chef, will be applying theory to practice and creating a menu that perfectly illustrates the essence of “profumi e sapori del Mediterraneo e dell’oliva”.

At the legendary Kitchen Party of February 2 at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, the master chefs will be demonstrating before their guests’ eyes the current trends in “haute cuisine”. With apron tied and a plate and fork in hand, participants will be able to taste the freshly prepared delicacies directly from the pan. Accompanied by spirited music and a glass of noble wine or Champagne, the activity around the stove will merrily continue into the wee morning hours.
On the Gourmet Safari the hunt for delicacies will lead through the kitchens of the St. Moritz’ Deluxe- and Firstclass hotels. Small groups of gourmets will follow in the tracks of their experienced guide straight to the Chef’s Table for the dedicated course prepared by the visiting master chef. In keeping with the safari theme, the atmosphere will be casual – maybe even a bit wild at times.

Looking over the chefs’ shoulders is fine, but surely only second best to swinging the ladle oneself. During the Culinary Master Classes at the Steffani Hotel with Michelle Bernstein (February 1), Irma Dütsch (February 3) or Lisl Wagner-Bacher (February 4), exceptional menus will be prepared in team-work, and also enjoyed together once accomplished.

At the Steffani Hotel’s “Field Kitchen” meeting point, “Suppe und Spatz”, the classic Swiss Army camp dish will be served daily from 4 to 6:30 p.m., lovingly prepared by kitchen specialists Electrolux Professional’s head chef. The adjoining Bar is the ideal place for an exchange of ideas and recipes.

At the Night of the Stars on February 4, the “Grandes Dames de la Haute Cuisine” and the resident chefs of the participating hotels will be jointly preparing a final firework display of culinary pleasures. Beginning at 11 p.m. in the salons of the Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains and the Casino of St. Moritz, the party will of course be open ended.


Of the Great World of Wine, Whisky and Champagne

When the twelfth St. Moritz Gourmet Festival with the “Grandes Dames de la Haute Cuisine” opens on January 31, 2005, the spotlight will not only be on the g women gourmet chefs and their culinary arts, but also on the perfectly suited bottle of wine, the glass of sparkling Champagne and the tumbler of mellow Whisky.
Outstanding wines from Europe and abroad will take center stage at four exceptional events.
During the Celestial Wine Tastings of February 2, Ueli Schiess of Caratello Wines, St. Gallen, Jan Martel of Martel AG, St. Gallen and Carl Studer of Studer Vinothek AG, Lucerne will be presenting fifteen rare and exclusive “cult” wines from Europe and overseas. Among them are gems from the vineyards of Giacomo Conterno, Vietti, Tua Rita, Romanée-Conti, Heitz, Roda, Sine Qua Non, M. & S. Ogier and Johann Schwarz.
In keeping with the evening’s Wine, Dine & Enjoy theme, Jan Martel will be bringing ten superior wines from the best vineyards in Europe and overseas to the Carlton Hotel on February 3 – among them Charlopin from France, Jaros from Spain and Ridge from the USA.

Also on February 3, the avant-garde of the Austrian wine elite is invited to join Lisl Wagner-Bacher at the Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains. At the Winemakers’ Dinner, Carl Studer Vinothek will be presenting the innovative winemakers Kurt Angerer, Johann Schwarz and Alois Kracher.
Inspiring himself from the Renaissance, Italy specialist Ueli Schiess of Caratello Wines will be celebrating ten of the most remarkable wines from Tuscany at the Dîner de la Renaissance on February 4 at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel – including Le Pupille, Macchiole and Rampolla. The event will further propose a contemporary interpretation of Renaissance cuisine accompanied by music of the Italian Renaissance period.
Apart from incomparable excursions into the international world of wines, further samplings are on the “travel agenda”.
Pure Russian Vodkas will be offered as an accompaniment to exquisite caviar at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel from February 1 to 4.
Ballantine’s-Bacardi extend their invitation to explore the World of Whisky on February 3 at the Schweizerhof Hotel. Professional “tour guides” will be leading through Scotland, Ireland, America and Canada to present fifteen Whiskies – among them the labels Glenmorangie, Laphroaig, Glendronach, Scapa, Tormore, Tullamore Dew, Woodford Reserve, Jack Daniels Single Barrel and Canadian Club. The tastings will be complemented by information on the history and making of Whisky.
The Dîner des Champagnes Perrier-Jouët at the Suvretta House Hotel on February 5 will constitute the highlight and closing evening of the 12th St. Moritz Gourmet Festival – and as such also the final stop on this culinary journey amidst the world of wine, Vodka, Whisky and Champagne.
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St. Moritz/Engadin for Gourmets

The St. Moritz Gourmet Festival will be attracting gourmets from around the world to the Engadine. In addition to 6 Michelin stars, the new Gault Millau „Travel Guide for Gourmets“ (2005) shows, however, that visitors to the „Romansch“ speaking alpine valley won’t only eat well during the Festival. It portrays 26 establishments in St. Moritz and the Engadine with a total of 380 awarded points between them. This is „haute cuisine“ on the „roof of Europe“ – quite literally, since some of the Engadine’s top restaurants are located above 5‘600 feet altitude.
Four out of six awarded restaurants in St. Moritz are partner hotels of the St. Moritz Gourmet Festival. Chef Martin Künzli of the restaurant Grischuna, Hotel Monopol, was awarded his 17. Gault Millau point, both restaurants of the Kempinski Grand Hôtel des Bains follow with 15 and 14 points, as well as the Grand Restaurant of the Hotel Suvretta House with 14 points.
Hans Eckart Rübesamen, the well-known German travel and gourmet journalist, writes in the German magazine „Der Feinschmecker“ (12/94, p. 130) that the Engadine is „by far the leading culinary landscape in the Alps“ – quite the opinion of the author J.C. Heer (the „King of the Bernina“), who in his time described St. Moritz as an „extravaganza of cultural history“ …
Verso: The Gault Millau-rated restaurants of the Engadine

The Gault Millau point awards to restaurants in the Engadine 2005:
St. Moritz Michelin G&M
Restaurant Jöhri’s Talvo, St. Moritz-Champfèr ** 18 Points
Restaurant Grischuna, Hotel Monopol, St. Moritz 17 Points
Restaurant Chasellas Suvretta, St. Moritz 15 Points
Ca d’Oro, Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains 15 Points
Les Saisons, Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains 14 Points
Grand Restaurant, Hotel Suvretta House 14 Points

Destination ENGADIN/St. Moritz (without St. Moritz)
Chesa Pirani, La Punt ** 18 Points
Hotel Walther, Restaurant Stüva Bella, Pontresina 15 Points
Hotel Stüva Colani, Madulain 15 Points
Restaurant Bellavista, Maloja 15 Points
Hotel Stüvetta Veglia, Celerina 15 Points
Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina 14 Points
Hotel Chesa Rosatsch, Celerina 14 Points
Hotel Albana, Restaurant Le Gourmet, Silvaplana 14 Points
Chesa Salis, Bever 14 Points
Hotel Misani, Celerina 13 Points
Murtaröl, Plaun da Lej 13 Points
Restaurant Charels, Bever 12 Points

Destination ENGADIN/Scuol Engadin
Haus Paradies, Ftan ** 18 Points
Hotel Piz Umbrail, Sta. Maria 16 Points
Hotel Homann, Samnaun-Ravaisch 16 Points
Schlosshotel Chasté, Tarasp 15 Points
Hotel Villa Maria, Vulpera 13 Points
Engiadina, Scuol 13 Points
Belvédère, Scuol 12 Points
Hotel Engadina, Ftan 12 Points