3iC Wine and Food Courses and the Collisioni Festival 2019

3iC Wine and Food Courses and the Collisioni Festival 2019


Dear fellow wine lover,

It is a pleasure to announce the continuing education program of 3iC, the Italian Indigenous International Center for Wine and Food Studies in Barolo. The next 2019 course to be held in Italy will take place just before this year’s edition of the annual Collisioni festival, on June 29, 30, and July 1st (with the exam on July 2nd) and will be another 3iC Piedmont Specialist Wine and Food Course. A 3iC Educator course will also be available for a very select few candidates. The 3iC is the world’s premier private Italian wine and food institution, with state of the art in-depth teaching on the subject of Italian wine and food. There are many fine Italian wine teaching schools around the globe, but justly hold our credibility in this field second to none. With Ian D’Agata and his hand –picked and trained assistants teaching, there is simply no more knowledgeable and credible set of instructors in this chosen field anywhere in the world. So take advantage of an absolutely unique world class teaching and learning environment and come join us at 3iC! We look forward not just to welcoming you here in Italy, but also to get to know you, and perhaps start a long and hopefull fruitful collaboration together. …..     The 3iC staff

WELCOME to the world of 3iC Wine and Food Courses and the Collisioni Festival

The second 3iC (Italian International Indigenous Centre for Wine and Food Studies) course of 2019 will take place from June 29th to July 2nd– in Barolo, Piedmont (Italy) and will be devoted to the wine and food of Piedmont. The course will provide students who attend and pass the final exam a 3iC Piedmont Wine and Food Specialist certificate.

The course is created and is directed by Ian D’Agata, multi-award winning wine writer who is co-curator of the Italy section of Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book, at 42 editions the world’s best selling wine guide, and the author of Native Wine Grapes of Italy (UC Press), generally regarded as the “bible” to Italian grapes and wines, as well as the upcoming Italy’s Native Wine Grape Terroirs (August 2019). Ian is also the Creative Director of Collisioni Wine & Food Project, the Director of the Indigena festival held annually in Barolo and Scientific director of the 3iC school (www.iandagata.com). Collisioni, now in its 11th edition, is Italy’s biggest music, literature and enogastronomy festival held annually in Barolo (www.collisioni.it ).

The 3iC course format is structured to be divided into regional modules and is devoted to the quality wine & food products of Italy; these short three day modules/courses have been specifically created to focus on the single different wine regions of Italy, with the purpose of creating new “Italian Regional wine&food Specialists” and, once all regional modules have been completed, “Italian wine&food Specialists”. They are in-depth and formative short time courses on Italian wine and food, held right now in Italy and soon available all over the world.



The June/July 2019 3iC Piedmont Wine&Food Specialist course will take place in the context of Collisioni Festival, the enogastronomy, culture, music and literature festival held annually in Barolo (2019 edition: July 6th and 7th).

Collisioni Wine Project is the Wine event of Collisioni Festival dedicated to international wine professionals from all over the world, discovering wines of Italy. From July 2nd afternoon to July 8th, the panel of participants will be guest of the festival for round-table tastings with producers from all over Italy in Barolo castle, thematic dinners and winery visits.

The Collisioni Festival is a festival dedicated to the “collision” of different arts and cultural expressions. During one week-end a year, in July, the village of Barolo hosts international writers, journalists, musitians and opinion leaders for public speakings, meetings and concerts open to the wide public. In the past editions, Barolo hosted concerts of Elton John, Bob Dylan, Sting, Mark Knopfler, Robbie Williams; this year we’ll have Liam Gallagher (ex-lead singer of Oasis and Beady Eye), Thirty Seconds to Mars, Eddie Vedder (of Pearl Jam) and Thom Yorke (of Radiohead) and many more. The Literature section of Collisioni has akways been a major feather in our cap as well; for example we have had as our guests more than ten Nobel Prize winners in the Literature category, including VS Naipaul, Herta Muller, Gao Xingjian, as well as famous modern day iconic writers as Paul Auster, James Ellroy, Bret Easton Ellis, Jay McInerney. Movie directors such as Atom Egoyan and Abel Ferrara have also been guests of the festival over the past 10 editions.




Thanks to Ian D’Agata, starting 9 years ago, the Collisioni Festival developed its Wine Project, in which international wine experts are invited from all over the world to come to Barolo where, in three different rooms of the Barolo Castle they spend one week tasting wines and speaking with producers from all over Italy from morning to dusk. The last editions of the project saw more than 60 professionals invited, tasting wines from 16 out of 20 Italian regions for a total of more than 200 wines during the week of the event. The aim of the Collisioni Wine Project is that of creating discussions and dialogue around the wines of Italy, thanks to round table tastings with the participation of producers and international guests. The project also features thematic dinners, winery visits and special tastings with different formats.


Three years ago, but after five of intense study and analysis, Ian D’Agata also launched Collisioni’s Food Project, thereby creating the Collisioni Wine &Food division. The Food Project sees food experts (bloggers, chefs, restaurant directors, specialty food shop owners, supermarket and specialty food chain buyers, farmers, university researchers, food bloggers and journalists) from all over the globe invited to Barolo to take part in a series of educational seminars and tastings as well as regional visits to estates, agricultural domains and gardens to learn about Piedmont’s and Italy’s glorious and unique food products. Over the years, visiting chefs have included Nancy Silverton, Giacomino Drago, Maximilian Kinder, Gunnar Forssell, Christopher Bates, Christopher Haatuft, Bjorn Juhnke, Joe Barza.


Students who will be attending the 3iC course will also have the chance to access to the program of Collisioni’s Wine Project, a unique opportunity to be an integral part in one of the world’ premier wine gatherings.


3iC Course

– June 28th : arrival

– June 29th – July 1st : lessions

– July 2nd morning :    exam and farewell lunch

Collisioni Wine Project and Collisioni Festival

– July 2nd evening : start of Collisioni Wine Project activities

– July 3rd – 8th : Collisioni Wine Project

– July 9th : departures

According to your own agenda, you’ll let us know how many dates you’ll be available to attend Collisioni program, if any


Who can apply:

Wine professionals (or semi-professional wine students holding a level 3 WSET qualification or similar qualification level) can apply to this course and all other modules of 3iC program. (In a few rare select exceptions we shall consider also potential students with only a level 2 WSET.)

 The inscription includes:

No fee of participation is requested for admitted students. Students who are enrolled will need to pay for their own flight and accommodation for the nights of stay.


– transportation from/to airport Milano Malpensa to the hotel will be arranged at set times of June 28th, and July 2nd (evening) with busses. For those who will not be able to catch the dedicated transfers, train information will be given to reach hotel in Alba (CN). The lunch during the days of the course is complimentary.

– Those students who may be interested in being part of the Collisioni Wine Project’s panel, accommodation will be provided for the nights starting from July 2nd (included) until the end of the activities (or their departure) as well as internal transfers and most of meals.

The organization will be happy to support you in any logistic matter and in giving you suggestion for your stay, during, before and after the 3iC course.


To apply:

In order to apply for the 3iC Course: Piedmont Specialist, June 29th – July 2nd, please, write an application to  giulia.corino@collisioni.it with title “Piedmont Specialist, June 29th – July 2nd – application


– your resume / brief paragraph of intent

– CV / professional profile

– photo (which will be used on our website to present our 3iC class should you be accepted into the course)

– your intended dates of stay (first possible arrival on June 28th, last possible departure July 9th

– course dates: June 29th – July 2nd (morning), Collisioni Wine Project dates: July 2nd afternoon/evening – July 8th (evening)

Only applications containing these data will be considered

The organization will evaluate your application taking into consideration both your CV, intents and intended dates of stay and, if admitted to the course, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail by the organization.

Starting from that moment, you’ll be able to consider yourself as admitted to the course.

Please, notice the course has a limited number of attendees.

For any enquiry, please do not hesitate contact us at:  giulia.corino@collisioni.it   and  3iCwineandfood@gmail.com

We look forward to having you at 3iC!

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Giulia Corino +39 380 4071994

Assistant director, 3iC

Coordinator, Collisioni Vino&Food Project Office

twitter: @Collisioni

Instagram: @collisioni



Ian D’Agata

Scientific director, 3iC

Director, Indigena festival

Creative director, Collisioni Vino&Food Project






Annunciato il primo headliner internazionale dell’undicesima edizione del festival Agrirock di Barolo

 Sarà Macklemore, il rapper di Seattle che ha conquistato il pubblico di tutto il mondo con la sensibilità dei suoi testi e l’energia della sua musica a salire sul palco mercoledì 10 luglio.

Collisioni è il festival agrirock, di letteratura e musica in collina, che ha luogo a Barolo nel cuore delle Langhe piemontesi, patrimonio dell’Umanità. Concerti, incontri con scrittori, attori e musicisti, performance musicali e teatrali, artisti di strada, il tutto nell’anfiteatro naturale delle colline verdi del Barolo. Difficile raccontarlo a chi non ha mai partecipato. Un primo “goloso” e grande annuncio per l’undicesima edizione del festival Agrirock più atteso ed amato in Europa, happening di musica internazionale, letteratura ed enogastronomia che ogni anno torna nel piccolo borgo agricolo di Barolo, sinonimo di grandi vini e ora di grande musica sarà Macklemore, che salirà sul palco di Barolo in una giornata dedicata ai giovani mercoledì 10 luglio. Lui si è fatto conoscere in tutto il mondo insieme a Ryan Lewis nel 2012, con le super hits “Thrift Shop” – multi-platino – e “Can’t Hold Down” – triplo disco di platino in Italia. Sono seguiti due album amati da critica e pubblico (“The Heist” e “This Unruly Mess I’ve Made”) che li hanno portati a raccogliere più di 2 miliardi di visualizzazioni su Youtube, quattro Grammy Awards, svariati dischi di platino e oro in tutto il mondo, oltre che la stima del Presidente Barack Obama che nel 2016 ha voluto Macklemore accanto a lui in un messaggio televisivo alla nazione. Nel 2017 la decisione di Macklemore di realizzare un progetto solista con l’album “Gemini”, anticipato dal fortunatissimo singolo “Glorious”.

Le prevendite dei biglietti sono disponibili sul sito www.ticketone.it



tel. +39 329 80.49.634





Tutto il programma di Collisioni 2019 a Barolo

I concerti del Collisioni Festival 2019 animeranno le serate dell’estate piemontese con tanti grandi artisti. Il Festival Agrirock di Barolo (Cuneo) ritorna nei mesi di giugno e luglio 2019 per la sua undicesima edizione.


Sabato 6 e domenica 7 luglio ci sarà il weekend del Festival che come di consueto ospiterà per tutto il giorno nelle diverse piazze di Barolo tantissimi ospiti della letteratura, della musica, del cinema e dello spettacolo nazionale e internazionale. Un grande happening di musica internazionale, letteratura ed enogastronomia che ogni anno torna nel piccolo borgo agricolo di Barolo, sinonimo di grandi vini e ora di anche grande musica e cultura.

Programma concerti Collisioni 2019:

Eddie Vedder: Quest’anno al Collisioni Festival di Barolo c’è Eddie Vedder. L’iconico front-man dei Pearl Jam si esibirà, infatti, il 17 giugno a Collisioni.

Liam Gallagher: Il 4 luglio 2019 ci sarà un grande appuntamento musicale con l’unica data italiana di Liam Gallagher, cantautore ed ex frontman degli Oasis insieme al fratello Noel.

Carl Brave e Max Gazzè: Doppio concerto il 5 luglio con Carl Brave e Max Gazzè che per la prima volta si incroceranno su un palcoscenico e si passeranno il testimone. 

Maneskin e Salmo: Sabato 6 luglio non uno, ma ben due concerti al Collisioni. I Maneskin e Salmo, in quest’ordine, dopo saliranno sul palco del festival agrirock per un concerto imperdibile.

Thirty Seconds To Mars: Un altro grande nome del programma 2019 del Collisioni Festival sono i Thirty Seconds To Mars che saliranno sul palco il 7 luglio per un altro grande appuntamento internazionale.

Macklemore: Come già annunciato per questa nuova edizione della kermesse di Barolo ci sarà Macklemore, il rapper di Seattle che ha conquistato il pubblico di tutto il mondo con la sensibilità dei suoi testi e l’energia della sua musica. L’artista, che si è fatto conoscere in tutto il mondo insieme a Ryan Lewis nel 2012 con le super hits “Thrift Shop”, multiplatino, e “Can’t Hold Down”, triplo disco di platino in Italia, salirà sul palco del Collisioni mercoledì 10 luglio 2019 

Calcutta: Il 13 luglio toccherà a Calcutta animare il palcoscenico del Collisioni Festival 2019. L’artista italiano originario di Latina che con il suo disco “Mainstream” uscito nel 2015 ha sparigliato generi, appartenenze e definizioni, fa parte del grande programma di concerti della manifestazione di Barolo. 

Thom Yorke: Infine il 16 luglio per il gran finale del festival di Barolo salirà sul palco lo storico front-man dei Radiohead, Thom Yorke che ha scelto di aprire il suo tour italiano “Thom York’s Tomorrow Modern Boxes” proprio a Collisioni 2019.

Il programma del Collisioni 2019 è continuo in aggiornamento.

Data/e: 17 Giugno 2019 – 31 Luglio 2019
Orario: 21:00 – 23:59Dove
Varia a seconda del concerto


Foto grande di Bruno Murialdo

Servizio a cura di Rocco Lettieri