The poetic soul, spiritually French, of Paolo Conte and the pioneering nature of Giuseppe and Raffaella Bologna, Giacomo Bologna’s sons, the creator of Braida Winery, have teamed up for Montebruna wine.
The Barbera d'Asti 2013 Montebruna has,  indeed, on the back label a Paolo Conte’s poem: precious words that weave in a link among Piedmontese landscape, the river and vineyards in a final toast. The Bologna family conceived in 2001 this unique initiative, that moves from a desire to tell, through one of the highest expressions of the soul like poetry, the emotions that the wine can evoke.
To achieve this goal the Bolognas call on, then as now, to authors who, through their art, celebrate the essence of life.
The musician and songwriter Bruno Lauzi in 2001, comedian and writer Giorgio Faletti in 2003, Roby Facchinetti of Pooh in 2005, in 2008 Omar Pedrini and now Paolo Conte. They wrote a poem, to offer the treasures of the heart arising from a personal encounter with Montebruna and its wine.

The story between us began like this ….. with his initial words ….

Montebruna   Land of roses, land of wine

Before we go any further, it’s got to be said: here, where gorgeous roses grow, we’re in what is the home of the best red wines in the world.In the world.

Let’s celebrate this Montebruna, with its half masculine half female name, with this sacred adjective (brun, brune meaning brown) recounted poetically in a French verse of a colour that’s sometimes enigmatic, which doesn’t know whether it’s still day or already night (…the Valse Brune an insinuating pre-war waltz that tells of crooks who prowl by night…, but we can surpass this with a verse written in Piedmont dialect spunta’l sul e la lúna, e la lúna a Muncalé… meaning quite literally the sun and the moon rise, and the moon over Moncalieri). 

Montebruna, therefore, is a Barbera (barbara barbisa berbera) and as such is valued.

I’ll taste it without hiding the fact I’m an old enthusiast who remembers the taste and bouquet of wines of the past and precisely, and only for this, I’ll almost look down my nose at the young wine tasters who given their age haven’t yet discovered that taste and bouquet and, well-studied, they search for scents of leather, the ‘tarry’ bouquet of liquorice, wilted flowers and lots of wonderful things.

We, in Barbera, can sometimes perceive peach, strawberry, violets, but first of all we search for and find the taste of the grape.

Barbera grape (and, when the wine is full-bodied, paradoxically the cream).

I’ll taste this Montebruna alone, in the kitchen, eating grissini made in Asti and in the mirror of my thoughts I’ll see the wonderful, friendly and mischievous smile of Giacomo of Rocchetta… A newfound pleasure!

                                        Paolo Conte

~ The project ~

A land that speaks. This is the message that moves the project that has led to the creation of the label. The letters that make up the name represent the many plots of land that have been purchased to rebuild the highly wine-bearing land called Montebruna. They also call to mind the rows of vines designed in writing, by the words of the poems, born of the emotions aroused in their authors. So, through the natural process of identification of the vineyard and the verses dedicated to it, a voice has been given to a land that has a lot to tell and a form has been given to its wine which already has a great deal to say.


To Montebruna

Where is the Tanaro going today?

Like yesterday, to Alessandria.

It’ll find people in felt caps

that strongly pronounce the letter <r>.

Yes, but does it pass by Rocchetta?

Of course! an obligatory stop.

Because the Tanaro looks around

and knows vineyard and vineyard

and smells the perfumes and discovers the colours

and at night it hears the moon talking with the wine.

They are eternal souls.

                                          Paolo Conte

~ The wine ~

Montebruna is a Barbera d’Asti DOCG wine made from 100% Barbera grapes. The fermentation of the grapes in steel vats, for two weeks at controlled temperature, is followed by one year ageing in large oak barrels. The result is a fragrant, fleshy and pulpy wine with highlighted notes of red fruits enhanced by the spicy scents of wood, which appear blended and balanced. It unites rare organoleptic preciousness with ready youthfulness for easy tasting.
The ground at Montebruna consists of so-called “astiane” sand,clay, marl and coarse silt known as “fossaniano”. The exposure is South/South-East. Altitude 250 m above sea level.

~ The collection ~

The greatness that remains of Giacomo Bologna lies in what he has done and dreamt. His life was made of dreams made real, even more imagined and left to those who could love and interpret them. This is the image that most suits the inventive and gifted vine-dresser that he was. Founder of the Braida winery, he was able to count on the precious collaboration of his wife Anna and children Raffaella and Giuseppe. Among Giacomo’s wishes was that of taking over, in Rocchetta Tanaro, the vineyard lands of the Montebruna hillside.
As they were divided among many farmers, this seemed to be an impossible task. But time transforms what it seems to deny. In fact at the end of ‘90’s his son Giuseppe Bologna, was able to resume negotiations for the land. Young, but very determined, because his father’s dream was also his, he was able, with patience and tenacity, to purchase the majority of the shares. An immense joy for the Bologna family who, having realised Giacomo’s wish, enhanced it with the will to rebuild an ideal environment for Barbera wine.
Today Montebruna consist of 40 hectares in total, 20 of which under production – have been carefully studied to identify the characteristics of the lands and their components in sand, clay and mire.

The grafts and plants most suitable for the various types of land were chosen and then accurately positioned to allow better arability.
The particularly dense system, arranged so as to obtain smaller bunches of grapes, with excellent ripening, and an early grape harvest contribute to the richness of the grapes. Strong bodied yet balanced with the perception of the fruit, the Barbera of Montebruna achieves a harmonious synthesis of flavours and scents. Perfected in the cask and in the bottle, and savoured still young, it is a fine example of new and elegant conception.

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~ The characters ~

PAOLO CONTE was born in Asti, in north-western Italy. As a boy he was interested in music  and the figurative arts. Still very young, he began writing songs, inspired by life, films and literature.
In the mid-sixties he had his first commercial successes, with songs like Azzurro, Insieme a te non ci sto più, Messico e nuvole, Genova per noi written for the most important Italian singers.
His first solo album, Paolo Conte, was released in 1974 and was followed by a series of innovative, refined studio albums, now numbering 15, and numerous live and best albums, which stamped his unmistakable identity and unique talents onto Italian music.
Among his greatest hits: Via con me, Diavolo Rosso, Bartali, Gli Impermeabili, Max, Gelato al limon, Sotto le stelle del jazz, Aguaplano.The originality of Paolo Conte’s music is now appreciated in concert halls and theatres the world over and is a proud example of Italian style and creativity.

OMAR PEDRINI, after having been the leader of “Timoria” for 15 years, has embarked on a career in different fields of culture and entertainment. During this period he released three solo albums and he won two critical awards at Festival of Sanremo. He has also engaged in writing by publishing a book of poems “Acqua d’amore ai fiori gialli”. He worked in television for RAI channels as both author and announcer of music programs and not only. He is currently on TV with the “Gamberock” television program, that tells about treasures of art and food throughout a tour across the most beautiful places of our country, Italy. Omar Pedrini is also an actor: in theatre he has interpreted “L’Orfeo” by Dino Buzzati, whereas in film he starred in “Un Aldo qualunque” with Neri Marcorè and Fabio De Luigi as well as in several short films. He recently played a cameo in “Il figlio più piccolo” by Pupi Avati. He was also the artistic director of Brescia Music Art Festival, an happening of artistic influences. Since five years he has been teaching “unworthy” (as to Omar’s opinion) Communication Master at the University “Cattolica” of Milan and Brescia.

ROBY FACCHINETTI came in as a member of “Pooh” in 1966. His life story is, therefore, the life story of “Pooh”, a band that has been riding a wave of success since the sixties.
A joint career spanning more than 34 years. No crises. An unending series of Gold and Platinum records.
Thousands of concerts. Millions and millions of records sold worldwide.
Many international awards. A new album, entitled “BEST OF THE BEST”, released on 9th November 2001 by CGD EAST WEST (Part of the Warner Music Italy Group), with all the best of their recorded material…

GIORGIO FALETTI was born in Asti in 1950. A pure-bred comedian, from the very beginning he perfects an experience that allows him to bring to television a series of characters that will prove his ability. He shows he is capable of great versatility, as he moves freely from one artistic field to the other. This is how one of his greatest passions, music, leads him to release a series of popular albums which culminate, in 1994, with a second place at the Sanremo Festival with the song “Signor Tenente”, which earns him the Critic’s Award. He composes songs for Mina, Milva and Angelo Branduardi. However it is in 2002 that Giorgio Faletti emerges forcefully, even in the field of literature, when he publishes the thriller novel “Io uccido” which darts, with 2,000,000 copies sold, to the top of Italian best-seller lists. This success is repeated in 2004 with “Niente di vero tranne gli occhi”, which sells 800,000 in just a few months.

BRUNO LAUZI. Born in Asmara in 1937, but raised in Genoa, together with Umberto Bindi, Gino Paoli and Luigi Tenco is considered one of the founders of the Genoese school of singer-songwriters that have made Italian music famous around the world. His first big hit is “Ritornerai”. In the Milan of the 60s, he mixes with personalities such as Enzo Jannacci and has important experiences as a cabaret artist. At the beginning of the 70s, he begins a collaboration with Lucio Battisti and Mogol, performing many of the song-writing duos popular songs. Winner of many awards with songs written for Ornella Vanoni, Mia Martini, George Moustaki and many others, he has worked with some of the world’s most popular singers.
A true talent-scout, he is witness to the debuts of Edoardo Bennato, Roberto Vecchioni and Paolo Conte. Songwriter, journalist and poet with two great passions: politics and gastronomy.

Montebruna  – vintage 2013 – will be in distribution from Middle November 2014.

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